Portia S
Excellent massage I've had many massages at CBR and it's always great. Their massage therapists are very skilled in both figuring out your needs and healing them. Highly recommended!
Katie C
First Massage I went in for my first massage EVER with Maggie today. She was so great at checking in with me throughout the process. She customized the essential oils when she found out that much of my body pain came from anxiety. I really appreciated her openness and communication during the process and left the appointment feeling relieved and open. I immediately recommended Classic Body Restoration to all my coworkers and can't wait for my next appointment in a couple weeks!
Mitzi B
Good-bye, Aches & Pains Before coming to CBR, I would have massages infrequently and could take them or leave them. Now that I’ve been coming to CBR, my life has changed. The aches and pains that I have been suffering are gone, and I look forward to my weekly appointments. I can say enough, how much the massages have transformed me. Thank you, CBR!
Dana B
Kelly is the best! Review of Kelly Forester I get deep tissue massages from Kelly every 2-3 weeks and she's the best! She is very attentive and always asks what areas I want to focus on and does a great job getting into all of those sore spots!
Rene is a gem! Review of Maggie Little-Reece CBR was highly recommended by a physician at work and I am so glad I tried it out. Rene is wonderful; so skilled at giving a massage that truly provides me with pain and stress relief. I always leave feeling so relaxed and hopeful!
Teri M
Always the Best! Anne has been my massage therapist for years. You won’t find a more knowledgeable and thorough professional.
Melissa H
monthly retreat One day a month no matter the chaos I make myself the priority with my massage at CBR. I always look forward to it and always feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and more mobile upon leaving. I've tried numerous LMTs and none have the results I've felt at CBR and specifically with Rene. Thank you CBR, Rene, and Stephanie to being a staple in my health regimen!
Nancy M
Always Great I've been using Anne for years and I appreciate how she has a way of finding my tight spots, even without me saying (or knowing). She is one of the few that I feel I can truly relax with.
Rachel L
Amazing! Had one of my best massages ever today!
Portia S
Great massages I have been getting massages from Stephanie for years and she just keeps getting better! She has helped me in a number of situations, from injuries to simple headaches. Can't recommend her strongly enough!
Excellent The massage therapist I see is the person who keeps me away from surgery and dependency on pain pills. My whole family goes to see her - and everyone speaks of her with respect and affection. Nope, I'm not saying her name because she books out weeks ahead already, but it begins with R.
Melissa H
favorite day of the month Appreciate ability to schedule my monthly visit in advance. It also allows me to look forward to my appointment. Rene works magic, and my body always feels better, clearer, and more fluid than before. I'm glad to have found CBR, and my mind and body are improved from it!
Eric H
Amazing! Can’t recommend this place enough! I’ve been treated by a number of the LMTs there and have had great results by everyone! Love the ability to book online w/ so many options, insurance billing, and convenient location!
Brady C
Best Massage! CBR has changed my standards when it comes to massage. I have serious muscular issues and they address them specifically. Most places just go over the area; they focus their attention on the area and identify the root. This is rare. They are amazing communicators when it comes to identifying the issues. All in all, I can't recommend them enough. Normally, I will have a few hours of relief from a traditional massage. AT CBR, I get a couple of days. You can't ask for much more.
Teri M
The BEST experience! I have been coming to CBR for many years. The therapist are knowledgeable, professional and really listen to what your body needs. I live with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my therapy.
Great Massage Marguerite was fantastic. One of the best massages I've had in a long time!
Leah P
Massage review Nice facility, great LMT. I will be back.
Rick H
Just what I needed Anne heard me when I described where I was in pain and focused her bodywork exactly where I needed it. I love when the therapist listens! The space is really great, too.
Robert H
Great Massage from Marguerite Marguerite really helped me when my muscles were feeling sore and tight from too much cycling, running, Barre3, etc. She really listened to what I wanted from my massage and did really great work. The next day I was scheduled to go on a pretty big hike on Mt. Adams and was a bit worried at how tight my calves were. At my request, she spent some extra time on the calves, and it made a huge difference. I was able to do a fairly long, fairly steep hike next day with no problems. Would definitely see again and recommend.
shay s
best massage in PNW Most of my mom's best friends are masseuses, and as such, I grew up learning a lot about massage and receiving many massages as well. Trish at CBR is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the wonderful oppertunity to go see. I have chronic pain from athletic injuries in my neck and sholders. Trish has such a diverse skill-set that she is always able to alleviate my pain. Working with Trish weekly has made such a significant improvement in my headache frequency (from many per week to once a month), shoulder nerve pain, and neck stiffness/pain. I am more capable at work, more focused, and more present in my life. I highly recommend Trish and all the incredible therapists at CBR. They are beyond fantastic!
Jules P
AMAZING! Review of Monier Bahador Monier is a pleasure! She puts tremendous pride into her work, from getting to know all the nuances and intricacies of each client's needs, to creating an extremely safe and welcoming atmosphere, to following up with questions after appointments to make sure she is continually learning and adapting her style to meet evolving needs. She puts a lot of heart, intention, and talent into her craft and it shows!
Carol S
Restored to life That's how I feel after a massage from Anne. She has special healing abilities. I leave the table relaxed, pain free and inches taller. None better than Anne.
Cassie A
Can't ask for more! I've seen both Anne and Rachel and have had nothing but positive experiences. Anne is particularly gifted in prenatal massage. It can be quite uncomfortable carrying extra baby weight; however, Anne is always able to workout the aches and pains of pregnancy. Anne is highly skilled and I'm certain would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for either just mere relaxation, or more importantly relief from pain.
Deirdre is amazing! Review of DM I've had many great massages at CBR, but the most therapeutic by far has been from Deirdre! She has helped clear up chronic and debilitating neck, shoulder, and chest tension that has been plagueing me for over a year after an injury, and after two massages I'm now more comfortable than I have been in a very long time. She is also super personable, and checks in throughout the massage to make sure the pressure is right. I highly recommend her, especially for those who need a healing massage!
Stephanie A
Go see Anne! Review of Anne Crawford I've gotten two massages from Anne. Both times I felt significantly better afterward. She is very skilled at feeling the areas that need work. I plan on seeing her again in the future!
Gary H
Absolutely awesome massage Great new location, Katelyn is so good, she always finds the spots that need work. Simply the best. And thanks for the parking spots.
Meredith J
monier is a must! I have been going to monier for body work for a few months, and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in starting massage therapy, whether you're new to getting work done or a seasoned veteran. monier is exceptionally knowledgeable of the human body, but also effortlessly creates an unintimidating environment with which to receive care. trust me! your body will thank you.
Superb Massagett Review of Trish Sternthal Trish is a phenomenal massage therapist. Whether I go into a session needing to address a specific issue or just looking for general stress reduction, I always leave feeling restored and rejuvenated. Her command of various techniques is exceptional, and she expertly applies them to transform tired, stressed-out bodies into healthy, rested ones.
Robert H
Deirdre is totally awesome I've been working regularly with Deirdre for several months now, seeing her at least once a month, sometimes twice when I can afford it. I am a very active endurance runner who is jot as young as he used to be and who races long distances regularly, and I need regular massage to keep my muscles working and not tightening up on me too much. I am really grateful I found someone like Deirdre to work with. Not only is she highly skilled as a massage therapist, but I feel she has really made a genuine effort to listen to me about what I feel my body needs on a particular day. She also brings a ton of experience and knowledge, and a lot of ideas and suggestions of her own to the table. In that way, I really feel she and I have forged a kind of working partnership to try and keep my old jalopy of a body on the road! :-) As a runner who does a ton of work on himself in the form of foam rolling, strength training and the like, I really appreciate how strong Deirdre is. She has both the strength and the technique to really work my muscles deeply when that's called for. Perhaps most importantly, I really trust Deirdre, and that is really important to me when someone is doing as something as intimate as massage, even something like sports massage. She has always been a genuine pleasure to work with, and I can honestly say she's been instrumental in keeping me from injuring myself over the time we've been working together. Thanks so much for everything, Deirdre!
Wendy B
An Oasis In only three visits I am feeling more relaxed and less tense. Anne is a genius with her hands. This place is an amzing gem in Portland. Make massage a part of your health routine today!
Crystal E
Excellent service! Suffering with pain for five months can take a toll on a person especially when nothing has helped. Katelyn is amazing. She has helped me so much with my pain that instead of taking 2 Vicodin a day I am down to a half of one! If I could give 100 stars I would!
Erica T
Fantastic Massage! Review of Trish Sternthal I have an ongoing issue with bad circulation that always gets worse with air travel. I went to Trish after my most recent trip and she was amazing. She asked if there was anything specific I wanted to work on and I told her about my issues with leg injuries. She was super attentive and responsive to my needs and the way my body responded. I left feeling totally relaxed and restored. Swelling in my legs from the travel got better by the end of the day. She event talked to me about some acupuncture and other types of massage options for increased circulation. Very professional, great hands, clearly a pro. I highly recommend her!
outstanding bodywork Review of A.B. above and beyond...
nick m
greast Was an excellent massage, I have been telling friends to get one here. Very welcoming atmosphere, friendly interactions with no lack of knowledge in the field of massage. Will be going back
Portia S
Great massage! I've had a lot of massages, and Anne really knows what she's doing. She got all the important spots and I feel great. I'll be back!
Dan S
Superb massage Anne is so highly skilled. Her excellent understanding of how body parts work is just one aspect, albeit an important one. Several years ago, I had a severe frozen shoulder. Physical therapy, medication, chiropractic, and acupuncture did little to alleviate it. Regular sessions with Anne made a huge difference. It's maddening that most health insurance no longer includes massage, as it was the only thing that worked effectively for me. A recent treatment from Anne for minor muscle issues and stress has reinforced my belief that she is one of the best massage therapists in the Greater Portland area. I can truly say that it was the best massage I have ever received (even from her, previously)! I have been to several other massage therapists (having moved out of the city a few years ago), but none compare to Anne.
Megan S
Thank you! Review of Anne Crawford Beautiful new space, easy online scheduling, excellent massage.
The best Review of Stephanie Massey Steph is simple the best LMT I have ever worked with. She is a master of her craft. Steph is intuitive and strong, has great energy, and really tailors her work to your specific needs.
Feeling so much better! I am so glad that I chose Classic Body. It was within walking distance from my house, had great yelp reviews, and could fit me in within a week so initially it was a no-brainer. I was a bit nervous as this was my first massage experience, but Anne is very nice and made me feel so comfortable. I was involved in a car accident and I am sure that I would not be healing as fast as I am if it wasn't for her. Thank you!
Anne M
Trish - Massage Therapist I have so enjoyed my time at Classic Body Restoration with Trish. The environment is relaxing and professional. I have a fair number of physical limitations and Trish has been responsive in how my treatment is given. I have tried many therapist and this has been by far the best experience I have had. I am very grateful I have found this facility and in particular this practitioner.
Well worth it! Just had my first massage with Rene, and it was wonderful! Her knowledge and skill released tension, tightness, and relieved pain without soreness afterwards. She accurately assessed what I needed and utilized a technique that was perfect. I left feeling quite relaxed. I look forward to working with her more to overcome injury, pain, and take care of my body!
Help with acute back pain Review of CP I was referred to Classic Body Restoration by a chiropractor at a time when my back had seized up. In a lot of pain and not sure what to expect, but desperate for relief, I was so thankful for the help that they provided. Thorough, gentle and very knowledgeable, her massage therapy gave me relief both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend this place for those with acute needs or just maintenance therapy.
Keeepin' me movin Review of Trish Sternthal I work very long hours leaves me physically and mentally drained. I see Trish about every 2-3 weeks, and it's the only way I am able to keep going! Along with the usual aches, I also suffer from chronic migraines, and Trish is an expert in helping to relieve head and neck pain. She is also always willing to try out new techniques she believes will work well for me. Though Trish is my regular therapist, I have also seen Katelyn and Clara, both very good as well.
Amanda B
Stephanie was great Review of Stephanie Massey I had hip surgery over the summer and have had some pain spring back up and Stephanie made me feel so much better while also helping me relax. This was the best decision I could have made! I highly recommend this place!
More Please Good god, Amy is awesome. Not your usual whale songs and pan flutes experience, definitely less airy fairy than all that, but with all the attention to muscles and ligaments you'd expect. Maybe more. Going back, again and again.
Vicki B
Enjoyed the Entire Experience Review of KP My first visit to CBR last week will not be my last. I enjoyed the entire experience from the start. Kathleen is a great listener, she took the time to ask questions about my body's needs and then responded with a great massage. Thanks very much Kathleen and CBR.
Great Review of Trish Sternthal Had an hour full-body with Trish and it was excellent! Helped a problem with my neck and felt very relaxed the day after. Will go again!
Diana P
Amazing Review of CP I'v been to CBR a few times and each time has been great. I have only seen Clara so far. I ask for strong pressure and it is sometimes uncomfortable as she works out the tension. At the end of the session though, I feel amazing. Everything is stretched out and limber. The pain is gone as well. I like CBR because it's not foofy and they actually work out the tension and make you feel better in the long run. Thank you so much!!
Teri M
The Best Anne is so knowledgable and amazing. I have lupus, fibromyalgia and arthritis and have long been hesitant to go anywhere for fear they would not know what they were doing and make things worse. I can not praise her enough! I have regular sessions and the improvement in how I feel is unbelievable.
Excellent Myofascial Massage Review of Stephanie Massey Stephanie was excellent. I have a chronically tight upper back and she did an wonderful job working on it.
Wonderful Massage! Review of Katelyn What a wonderful massage at Classic Body Restoration! She helped relieved a lot stress build up in my back and gave me great ideas for helping relieve tension on my own too. The smelling oils were great too! Thank you!
Todd Q
Sweet Relief Review of Katelyn I have gone to Classic Body Restoration a few times with neck and back issues. Katelyn, listened to me about my specific trouble spots and then worked on points of my body that are connected to these trouble spots. She totally understands way the body works. They do impressive and effective work. Well worth your time and money.
Just What I Needed Review of Trish Sternthal I liked everything about my experience. I loved the option to book online. The atmosphere was relaxed and cheery. Trish was very skilled and confident and I was able to lose myself in deep relaxation. Thanks Trish and CBR
Excellent Relaxation Massage! Review of Katelyn Katelyn always does a great job. I really appreciated the very relaxing massage, and the essential oils to help me breath. Excellent work, highly recommended!
Excellent Massage!!! Review of Trish Sternthal I won a gift certificate for an hour long massage to Classic Body Restoration with Trish. What a treat!! She was very professional, approachable and obviously extremely skilled at her craft. She was thorough and used various methods of massage to address my problem areas. My massage was both repairative and extremely relaxing. I felt like a new person walking out!! Thank you Trish and CBR!!
Rod y
A Wonderful Experience Review of Stephanie Massey Stephanie was highly skilled over all but her abdominal work was outstanding! Well worth the time and money.
David R
Great, Thanks Review of Trish Sternthal Was happy to find they had a same-day opening and Trish was great. She was very helpful even after the massage was over, pulling out anatomy books, describing what the problem could be, and giving me stretches to help with it. Helped in the healing process without affecting my training leading up to Hood To Coast a few weeks later, and very thankfully no problems during!
Chad T
excellent massage I always leave a new person! My back tends to get knotted up leaving me stiff and sore even when I wake up in the mornings. They fix me right up each and every time.
Disapointed Therapist was very good with taking history and determining areas of focus. The room was not relaxing, super loud forced air vent kicked on times during the massage, it was unreal to me that this was the massage room. Massage was okay, not a style that worked for me. Not enough focus on the muscle groups in my back which were just as tense as my neck. Afterwards therapist did not give much feedback, left with a headache. Not the experience I was expecting after reading such good reviews.
Fantastic Review of KP I have chronic lower back problems and left the massage feeling worried that I had bit off more than I could chew intensity-wise. But then something amazing happened. I woke up the next day with no back pain. Zero! None! 5 days and a 9-hour plane ride later and my back still feels better than it has in years. My highest praises to Kathleen.
Stephanie Massey always great Review of Stephanie Massey I have been going to Stephanie for a year now with various issues and each time she takes the time to identify the potential origin of the problem and work with me on a preferred focus. She adjusts the massage to my requests and takes the time afterwards to discuss the body mechanics at issue. Always a great experience.
Why Classic Body Massages? Now I am better.  I feel better.  I move better.  I sleep better.  I am better.  Stephanie has helped me to this and i am thankful to her.